Vibration training

Why Vibration Training?

Extensive research has been done on vibration training and the results vary greatly but most of the research rates vibration training very positively and therefore it is now widely used in fitness centres, physiotherapy practices, rehabilitation and professional sports.

Professional sports people who have incorporated vibration exercises in their training include:

  • Members of the New Zealand Silver Fern Netball team;
  • Manchester United, Arsenal & Chelsea Football Clubs;
  • Olympic silver medallist and commonwealth games pole vaulting champion Tatania Grigorieva;
  • Professional golfers Colin Montgomerie & Rocco Mediate;
  • Olympic cycling champion Sara Carrigan;
  • The German Olympic Ski Team.

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The benefits of Vibration Exercise:

Weight loss & muscle toning

The more your muscles move the more calories you burn. Vibration Training causes your muscles to move at whatever Hertz rating (vibrations per second) the machine is set at. E.g. a 30 Hertz rating activates your muscles 30 times per second, therefore using the machine for 30 seconds means your muscles will move 900 times in that period of time. Virtually 100% of the muscle fibres in your muscle groups can be recruited during Vibration Training which also tones up the muscles.

Your muscles are capable of moving up to 150 times per second quite safely.

Strength increase

Muscle strength is caused by increasing your white and red muscles cells. White cells are responsible for fast movement and red cells are responsible for slower and more powerful movements. Exercising vigorously causes the muscle cells to divide and therefore increase in number. Moving your muscles 30 times per second while exercising will increase your muscles cells and therefore increase the strength of your muscles.

It is as simple as that.

Lymphatic drainage

The Lymphatic System is very important in helping us stay healthy by distributing immune cells throughout the body and removing toxins and other waste products. During a muscle contraction your lymph nodes are squeezed, which in turn forces the fluid in them to move and drain away toxins etc. Moving your muscles 30 to 50 times per second by using Vibration Training can help this process greatly, and as a bonus this treatment will also help you look better as poor lymphatic drainage is one of the reasons behind getting cellulite.

Yes, Vibration Training can even help reduce cellulite.

Other benefits

There are too many benefits to list on this one page If you have any questions about Vibration Training please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Vibration Training is not only very beneficial to your whole health and fitness it is also very enjoyable to do and it is not as demanding on muscles and joints as some other forms of exercise.