Personal training sessions

The Personal training sessions

The training I give is based on the SMARTIES principle which means that minimum time is needed to maximise the benefits.

Smarties stands for:

Personal training sessions

  • S ~ Sustainable
  • M ~ Moderation
  • A ~ Achievable
  • R ~ Realistic
  • T ~ Time efficient
  • I ~ Interesting
  • E ~ Enjoyable
  • S ~ Scientifically proven

After a complimentary initial assessment I will put together a customized program based on what you would like to achieve and any specific goals you may have taking into consideration your current level of fitness and your exercise likes and dislikes.

There are many reasons why people exercise:

  • To look and feel good – We all like to look and feel good, it gives us more confidence in ourselves. Some of want to lose some weight, some want to bulk up and gain muscle, others just want to tone up. Whatever your reason, you won’t regret it.
  • Sport specific – Get fitter and stronger to enable you to perform better at your chosen sport, be it Athletics, Football, Netball or Golf or whichever sport you play.
  • Fitness test specific – Get fitter and stronger to enable you to pass the fitness tests required to join the Police, Army, Navy, Air Force or any other profession that requires you to pass a Fitness test.
  • Rehabilitation – After an operation or serious accident it is often necessary to slowly ease back into exercise. Choosing a REPs registered personal trainer ensures that you will be in safe hands.
  • Maintenance – more mature people often have no specific goal in mind. They may just want to look and feel better, play with their children or grand children more easily. Or simply function better in their day to day routines.
  • Stress and anxiety relief – Evidence shows that moderate intensity physical exercise can improve mood and decrease anxiety and stress. If this sounds like you, please check out my SMEAEP page.

Whatever you reason; I will ensure that you are trained safely, receive lots of motivational support and sound nutritional advice.


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Let’s get started!

If SMARTIES training appeals to you then contact me now and let me get you started on an enjoyable fitness programme.