The personal training studio

The personal training studio

Great things come in small packages

The personal training studioThe Personal Training Studio is private, clean, comfortable and air conditioned. It is also well equipped with everything you need to improve your physical and functional performance. It offers the perfect environment to relax, wind-down and focus on your training and you can choose to have music in the background or not or even pick the music that you love to train to.

Private Amenities

The studio also has a clean shower and toilet facility, easy access and parking. Fitness 4 All has everything needed to help you reach your health & fitness goals.

Warming up

The personal training studioFor cardiovascular exercise and warm-up purposes the studio has a treadmill and bicycle to get those muscles warmed up ready for your strength training routine. We also have a range of boxing gloves, focus pads and a boxing bag. These combined with easy to learn routines give a fantastic low boredom, high energy way to get fit as well as being an excellent form of stress relief

Working out

The personal training studioThe main focus of the studio is strength and fitness training, muscle gain, muscle toning andweight loss. The versatile multi-gym, kettlebells, Olympic weight bench, bowflex dumbbells,TRX suspension training kit, vibration machine, swiss balls and other fitness apparatus ensure that there is more than enough equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Building your core strength

The personal training studioGood core strength and stability is not only important for improved sporting performance but also to help us function better through all stages of our lives. The wide range of equipment in the studio, accompanied by well planned core exercise routines ensures the end of weak core muscles.

Not getting the service you deserve?

If you are tired of having to wait for equipment at the gym or just want to train in a modern, private studio then contact me and discover what excellent service is like.