Personal Training - nutrition adviceYou needn’t always eat less to lose weight……..

Believe it or not, a weight-loss program that overly restricts calories will set you up for failure, as will a skipped meal. There is a point at which cutting calories will work against weight loss because consuming too few calories (or too few meals) leads to increased appetite and low satiety as your body prevents starvation.

Calorie restriction and skipping meals may seem like the clear path to weight loss, and you may lose weight using these strategies, but your weight loss will be slow and very frustrating. More importantly, your body will make a choice: lose body fat or lose muscle and an inadequately fueled body will choose to drop calorie-burning muscle rather than fat. Plus, ultimately you are sure to regain the weight you have lost.

Creating an eating plan to control your calories and make sure you’re eating balanced meals and snacks (including your favourite foods) is the way to lose weight healthily. A consistent eating pattern will control your energy level, appetite, cravings, blood glucose, insulin levels and fuel your resting metabolism.

It’s all a matter of Energy intake versus Energy expenditure

Personal Training - nutrition adviceIt is important to give your body the right amount of nutritious food through the day to keep you energized.

A sedentary person requires less energy (in the form of food and fluids) than someone that is physically active. This is often the part that people get wrong and this can lead to weight gain.