Benefits in having a personal trainer

Benefits in having a personal trainer

Benefits in having a personal trainer

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness”

Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby, 1873

What are the benefits in having a personal trainer?

There are many benefits in having a personal trainer – motivation, encouragement, correct advice and more. It’s also important to keep in mind the benefits of other aspects of your life too.

It is a well known fact that if we want to stay healthy throughout our lives that regular exercise is a necessity.

As well as all the benefits listed on my home page other major benefits have been in the news on numerous occasions:

Benefits of good nutritional habits

Good nutritional habits keep you looking and feeling good as well as help you avoid “diet related diseases” such as adult-onset diabetes, high cholesterol and osteoporosis to name but a few. But how many reasons do you actually need?

Physical Activity for:

Mental wellbeing

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand state that there is evidence to prove that an active lifestyle plays a preventive role in depression and anxiety and that physical activity is important for everyone regardless of age.

Stronger bones

Results from a study conducted at the Tufts University in America have clearly proven that consistent strength training can increase bone density and prevent Osteoporosis, greatly reducing the risk of fractures among women aged between 50 & 90.

Glucose control

Diabetes New Zealand state that strength training and cardiovascular exercise produce dramatic improvements in glucose control that are comparable to taking diabetes medication for Type II diabetics.

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